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About Us


Titan 45 is a family owned business located in Southern Alberta. We are an authorized distributor of Citrus Man Cleaning Solutions.


Hi! My name is Mary, founder of Titan 45. I started this business with my fiancé, Danny, in the summer of 2023. I am the brains of the operation, working behind the scenes on our online presence, marketing, and customer service. If you contact us, you will most likely be speaking with me. Danny is the brawns, doing all the heavy lifting and also surprising himself with his amazing interpersonal skills. If you see one of us out and about, showing off what we can do, it's most likely Danny. 


In the words of Kenny Brooks, "I sell personality, because this stuff sells itself".

When we first stumbled upon Citrus Man products, my dad was cleaning a hit-and-run scuff off of someone's truck in my parents' back alley. Both of us were shocked! I was instantly inspired and wanted to share it with everyone. And so our business adventure began. Within 2 weeks we were picking up our first load of inventory. Danny wow'd everyone on his lunch break at his 9-to-5, and the rest is history.

So, if you ask what we do, we're just out here sharing the best thing since sliced bread. And helping you get your hands on it too. 

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